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Actually i've had a good role model in my early childhood years - my grandmother used to produce different plant based salves, tinctures and oils on her own. As a farmer she had a huge knowledge about the endless possibilities nature offers. Her generation was even more connected to holistic health care. However most of us grew up in a generation with lots of high medical achivements - there is a pill for everything. To be honest, it took me a few decades (and several health issues my pets were surrounded by) to rediscover the value that lies in nature. All of this imprinted me and left me with a deep passion for clean eating and phytotherapy - both, for me and my pets. Lot's of studies and trainings completed this way.

There is a vision: Leave a green footprint. Because everything humans and animals have needed to survive - and thrive - is provided by nature. Let's talk about mother nature's gifts. Let's give it a try. It will be worth it. Because making small changes might not seem like much on their own, but they all add up. It's the sum of those small changes that can make really a difference to our health and to our environment. This page is for you if you want to protect or regain your power of being in charge of your own well being and if you want to support your loved ones, your kids and your pets. I truly believe there is always a natural way and therefore a better path to health and wellness.

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I am proud to be closely connected to some of the world's leading suppliers of natural health care products. Step forward and indulge yourself in a world full of fantastic healing herbs and plants - discover natural supplements for you and the ones you care about the most. Curious? You'll find more details by following after-images, just click the pictures below!


What you could expect is holistic therapy, means naturopathy and physical therapy for pets, and beside that we also offer a huge range of naturopathic products and herbal supplements not only for pets but even for human use (pls see pictures above).

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